Saturday, July 9, 2011


Once I sit if front of my notebook, I totally forget every single thing I plan to do.

Blog > Google > Fb < Google < Blog
Blog > Fb > Google< Blog< Fb

The End of The Day
No Clean Plates or Bowls
"Tomorrow, I will do it "
That's what I said

And Best thing I learn...
My husband and my cat are still love me ; )

Friday, July 8, 2011

Open my mouth

Me ? I'm 40th up, Asian Breed. My Life never been easy since I was born . Love by the parents, But never been with them permanent but temporary. Something was happen ( In a good way ).

Move ! Move ! and Move !!! That was my life till I designed to be a single woman for my whole life because I never get involved with any long relationship in any case.

Word " Forever " never hit me. Not born beauty but Tomboy. Believe in " Nothing last long forever ... Been prepared ! " After I did lots of home works how to live Alone and then approved it.

5 years later I met the most handsome man in the world on Christmas 2000, I couldn't skip. I get married 3 years later and survive till now.